10 Thing you didn’t care you didn’t know about me!

Everyone loves a bit of trivia.

So when I’m a famous blogger and they are writing table quiz questions about me, you might just wanna commit these facts to memory so that you will that top prize of a €25 car valeting voucher.

  1. I’m named Ellen after my grandmother. I didn’t meet another Ellen until I was in my twenties. Now there are many versions floating around, Elle, Ellie and Ella. I was the original… make no mistake about that.
  2. For ten years I worked with people with Intellectual Disabilities. I think that’s where I used up my patience quota because Lord knows I have none left for my children.
  3. Keith Duffy hosted a quiz on the tele called the The Box and yours truly was on it. I lived in a box (large conservatory) in Dublin city center for 48 hrs and I won €2000
  4. My children’s full names are Kyle Gus, Finn Conan and Macy Ellen. Each one was overdue, Kyle 11 days, Finn 4 days and Macy a whopping 14 days. Guess I have a cosy womb! Well we all have our talents!
  5. My favourite group are Steps. No you didn’t hear me wrong yes Steps. And yes I do know all the routines and don’t say so do you just because you know the Tragedy one.
  6. In order to win a 2 hour cruise while on the Gold Coast I had to flash my sizeable assets to a club rep. Noone could afford to buy a ticket to come with me so I never went.
  7. Both my father and my sister don’t drink. My sister is a pioneer which means she has never even tasted alcohol since she took her confirmation pledge. I know I don’t understand it either.
  8. In primary school my favourite sandwich filling was Panda chocolate spread and Luncheon meat. Is there any wonder that I’m fat.
  9. I was once engaged to be married. We never made it up the aisle. Or as I like to put it. He put the bling on it but he never put the ring on it.
  10. I’m a qualified Nail Technician and Make Up Artist but not currently practicing. I’m focusing on being a mother right now. Oh writing a wee blog.. check it out you might enjoy it. https://blushbellyandbabies.wordpress.com/about/

So there are ten things you didn’t care that you did not know about me.

Thanks for reading

Be well

Ellen ( the original )

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