Just the four of us


I originally starting blogging about make up and quickly realised that my life as a mother was much more interesting and thought provoking. This motherhood malarky is not easy and anything that helps one to survive is very useful. This blog is one of those tools for me.

I have three children My Sun (eldest  boy) My Moon (youngest boy) My Stars (my girl).

First born was Kyle and boy does this lad keep me on my toes. For what ever reason life is just one big hassle for Kyle. A smile is hard earned but when it does arrive it’s pure magic. He’s a deep thinker and his resting bitch face would be up there with the best of them. His favourite activity at the moment is slapping his Mammy when he sees 171 cars drive by. A game I thought him much to my own detriment.

Finn came along 2 years and 4 months later and he would brighten up your day. He has a cheeky sense of humour and loves to learn. He wants to try everything and is very cooperative, until it’s time to tidy up the toys then he’s actually too tired to breathe. He has a kind heart and a generous spirit.

Macy the princess of the house was the last to be welcomed into the fold. A real girly girl she likes to sleep in her dresses and I allow her to because life is too short to argue over things like that. She has a fiery temper and a death stare that would give you chills. She doesn’t like to be without her lippy but hates having her hair done. Amazing at entertaining herself you would almost forget she was there and I regularly do… i’m joking of course! I only forgot about her once!

I am currently parenting alone and I’m finding my feet. I’m a few years  into this job now and I do feel like I’m improving. This blog encourages me to be a better parent because it makes me mindful of how I go about my day. I’ve just qualified as a Beauty Therapist and I’m working part time. It’s difficult to juggle everything but I have amazing support in my Mam, Dad and sister Jackie.

2018 is going to be spent putting efforts into the aspects of my life that are important to me. My home, my blog and of course the children. I’m striving to blog more consistently and improve on the quality of the writing that I produce. I’m trying to venture into local community radio because boy do I love to talk. So I have lots of plans and I’m hoping that you all will come along with me.

Thank you for reading and sharing and commenting it means so much to me.

Be Well



3 thoughts on “Just the four of us

  1. Hi Ellen,
    I just stumbled across your blog and fell in love with your writing style. I completely understand how it is parenting alone and hope you the best this year. I am married but my husband is in the military and currently stationed in Japan so that leaves me living with my parents with my little one at the moment. This year has been a struggle but its encouraging to know I’m not alone! I’m looking forward to exploring more on your blog 🙂


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