I’ll give it a good go!!

I don’t often have many good words to say about myself. Part of the reason is a really bad habit that I have gotten into of running myself down. Sometimes I don’t even believe what I am saying but I might just say it for comedic effect. Other reasons are low self esteem and lack of confidence but there’s nothing funny about those attributes so we shall swiftly move on. Continue reading “I’ll give it a good go!!”


The Belly Part

I called this blog Blush because I love make up, Babies because I love my children and Belly because I hate my weight. They say you should write about what you know and I certainly know a thing or two about weight. I would like to think that my posts are generally amusing but writing about my weight I find jokes hard to come by. I’m such a cliche, a big girl with a big personality to match. It’s that bubbly disposition that hides, for the most part, how I really feel about my body.

I hate my body

That’s quite a tough sentence to write and even a bit extreme you might say but it’s true. Continue reading “The Belly Part”

There’ll be days like these

I’m sitting on my couch and I’m humming Van the Man’s tune…. so my momma told me… there’ll be days like these. Well I can’t quite remember the lyrics because it’s not a nursery rhyme so I’m not sure whether the message of the song is that you’ll have good days or that you’ll have bad days. Answers on a postcard please. As I hum the tune I feel reflective. I’m thinking about what can only be described as a fiasco of a day that I endured on Monday. I would like to share with you that day, comfortable in the knowledge that many mothers across the globe have had similar experiences if not worse.

It was a normal Monday…. cold but not cold enough to put the heat on. Continue reading “There’ll be days like these”