Silent Noise

When the house falls silent because it’s child free,
All manner of noises crawl out to haunt me.
There’s a beep that pipes up every 30 seconds or so,
I lay flat eyes opened counting that’s how I know.
The radiator is clicking as the temperature cools, 
Replacing deep child breathe and avoidance of drool.
What I hear so clear and loudest over them all,
Is the silence in each room bathroom,bedrooms and hall.
No crying for mammy to come fix my bed,
Or can I sleep in your room I was good like you said.
Luckily tomorrow the mayhem returns times three,
Then I’ll long for the silence and the noises that haunt me.


Poetic Licence

I always liked English in school. I’m sure my English teachers would disagree because I was lazy and lacked focus. I love the meanings of words. Song lyrics especially. And now that I have children their books delight me. My favourite being ones that are written as rhymes.

Once upon a time a friend of mine asked me to be her bridesmaid. As you can imagine every conversation was wedding related from the dresses to the desserts. We were discussing the communion reflection Continue reading “Poetic Licence”