Lamenting the Lockdown

What a time to be alive! I wonder if I was the reading type and this story line popped up on the pages of my book would I think it far fetched? The lead character being a slightly disheveled mother of three arriving to collect her children only to be told that the schools where closing. Go home and stay safe was the message received loud and clear. Would I believe that the two weeks turned into five and then seven and then….. well… who knows?

This scruffy yet mildly attractive mother’s character, so far, would lead a reader to believe that the thoughts of being locked up with her children for that length of time, would send her straight to the loony bin. Plot twist. It didn’t. It hasn’t. It won’t.


She has other things to worry about.

What happens when normal life starts to creep back in? The time constraints, the schedules, the meetings and the dreaded swimming lessons? What happens when the day is not your own and the most pressing matter is no longer what you are going to cook for the 6th meal of the day?

When everything else was stripped away something dawned on her. She realised that the three children that she once thought she didn’t have the skills, energy, stamina or patience to cope with on her own were being coped with just fine. Too much screentime, sugar and not enough sleep aside they were a little team.

So now the worry is not the pandemic, the worry is how will she deal with the outside pressures when life becomes busy again?

I am not sure…. I haven’t got to that part of the story yet.



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