What I have Learned from Mrs Hinch

If you don’t know who Mrs Hinch is I would imagine you are in the minority. Sophie Hinchliffe is the definition of an overnight success. The instagram sensation has an impressive 2.1 million followers and her housecleaning account has even led to her having a best selling book. All in the space of months. My photo is taken from her Insta account @mrshinchhome

I found myself like millions of others enthralled by her cleaning routines. I had never even thought about cleaning out the drawer of my washing machine until I watched her. I still don’t do it mind you but that’s another story.

The woman has created her very own verb. It’s common to hear people go hinch their houses. I find that to be the most fascinating of all. To think that in generations to come the origin of a word used to clean your home will be the one an only Sophie Hinchliffe.

With fame brought the trolls. People always feel the need to take people down a peg or two. Mrs Hinch handled it with grace. She would urge people to be kind. Many were incredulous that she was getting all this attention for doing something that they did every day. This was nothing special. That’s where they are wrong.

What’s unique about Mrs Hinch will never be definable. It’s that elusive X-Factor that is talked about. That je ne sais quoi? That something special that you cannot manufacture. Timing, luck and a little bit of magic and more power to her.

I’ve learned something very valuable from Mrs Hinch. I’ve learned that it’s important to find what makes you happy and focus on that. For Sophie it’s cleaning and decorating her home, her handsome doggy, her hubbie and soon her baba! For years I was always looking for the next thing.  Travel, a house, courses, children more courses. I was never happy to stand still. Now I am.

A life well lived doesn’t have to be filled with an endless list of achievements. Mrs Hinch is helping me see that the simple things in life is where the beauty lies.  So now I have to practice what I have learned. Care for my children and oh god…. I can’t even say it… clean my house!!!


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