Bord Gais Energy Theatre : Cirque Berserk


There’s no better feeling than heading to Dublin for an adventure. Having previously braved it up to a concert in Croke Park, now was the turn of the Bord Gais Energy Theatre. It was my first visit and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

I hit the road for the big smoke about two hours earlier than I needed to. I wasn’t sure of the route so I didn’t want to be in a panic. It turned out great in the end because we popped into Collin’s Barracks for a little nosy and also got a bite to eat.

Before we knew it. It was showtime!

We love the circus and we loved this! Cirque Berserk delivered. The setting of the theatre took it to the next level. There’s usually a certain amount of chaos that surrounds the traditional setting of the circus tent. There’s seat hopping and toilet trips and the last time I was there I spent more time watching kids run around then looking at the acts themselves. This venue but a stop to all that. I was enthralled by the spectacle as well as being so comfortable in my seat.

The acts themselves had a little bit of grit. It was the usual acrobatics and hi-jinks but with an urban edge. There was nothing ground breaking that I hadn’t seen before but each act had it’s own unique style that made it a feast for the eyes. I’m not sure if it was done on purpose to build suspense but there were little rough edges. This  unpolished approach added to a real sense of danger that genuinely raised my heartbeat a few times.

The show flowed really well and it held the attention of my 6 and 4 year old the whole way through. They laughed and gasped and didn’t want it to end. We weren’t the only ones who enjoyed it because at the end the performers got a standing ovation from the audience. This is something I have actually never experienced before.

If you are at a loose end there are worse ways of passing an evening. The crew are in town until the 30th and if you click here (Cirque Berserk) you will find all the details on tickets prices and times and all that jazz.

The only negative aspect of the trip was that we were robbed after we left the show. Ok…….. I’m a bit dramatic…… we were not actually robbed but it did cost me €15 for parking which pretty much felt like being robbed to me!


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