Lessons From La La Land

I’m a hopeless romantic. I believe in soul mates and love at first sight. I love being in love and long for that feeling again.

With the children at their Dad’s this left me with time to indulge in a romantic movie. Knowing full well it would bring tears, I could weep uncontrollably without having to tell the kids that I managed to get mascara in my eyes.

La La Land was my choice and I La La Loved it.

It is a musical. This won’t be to everyone’s taste but the soundtrack only enhances the story and doesn’t take over. The singing is not cabaret, it’s more like your mate that you know you has a sweet voice but would never be a star.

That’s not a negative; it just makes the movie and the stars all the more relatable.

As I watched captivated with the love story that was unfolding before me I could see so many life lessons that I wish I had learned in my younger years.

Dream Big

Both leads have massive, almost unattainable dreams. When I was younger I never realised the vastness of options that were available in the world. I thought, nurse, teacher or soldier because that was all I knew. Now at 37 I have so many aspirations that are just a little more difficult to pursue when you have a family. That doesn’t mean that I won’t try.

So cast your net to depths you cannot even imagine. Never lose sight of the goal, work hard and you just never know.

Never Put a Man First

This one is hard. Relationships are important. I’m not telling you to leave your husband to go join the circus because you’ve wanted to be a bearded lady since you were six. This more applies to younger relationships.

If you get an opportunity to do something that makes you happy. Something that progresses your life in a way you know will make you happy. You may need to sacrifice your relationship if it’s not one that’s going to support you in your pursuits. I know, I know…I told you this one was hard!

Support is Key

Surround yourself with people who believe in you. There’s nothing like having a fan; someone, or many people if you are lucky, who have faith in you and what you have chosen to do. When you are feeling hopeless you may need reminding of the goal. Reminding you that this is what you want to do and that you can do it. A little bit of motivation can go a long way.

If you need more than that, make sure you have at least one person who won’t be afraid to give you a good kick up the arse.

‘What If?’ is Painful

There is no point in looking back and wondering, “what would my life be like if I had made different decisions?”. This will only bring pain. Every choice you make, you thought was the right one at the right time. Have faith in yourself and don’t look back.

Woulda, shoulda, coulda never solved a thing in it’s life.

Sometimes Love is Not Enough

I never used to understand this sentence. I do now. Not because I watched a movie but because I have experienced it. Love is amazing. There is nothing like that feeling that you’d do anything for another person and the feeling of that sentiment being returned.

Even though you love the person sometimes, for you, you have to walk away. It may be to follow your dreams or let them follow theirs

But ultimately, sometimes love is not enough.


2 thoughts on “Lessons From La La Land

  1. Love this Ellen. You are spot on, and there are lots of life lessons here. But the most important I think is the dream big! There is so much we can set our sights in and achieve at any point in our life whether we feel ‘young’ or not!!!😘😘❤️


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