I Had My Heart Broken Today

Life is a cruel mistress and I found that out the hard way today. I often get friend requests on Facebook and 90 percent of the time I accept. Not a very wise move I hear you cry. Well I like to live on the edge.

A handsome fella popped into my inbox and my initial thoughts were, that maybe I knew him. I have dipped my toe into the cesspit of internet dating so it wouldn’t be beyond the realms of possibilities that an admirer found me on social media.


There was a sense of familiarity already because he was ignoring what I said, just like the children do. Well how wrong was I? He didn’t know me, he had just come across my beautiful name.

My name? Ellen Brophy? Not exactly up there with exotic titles but I’ll take it. I decided I had nothing to lose and I’d go in for the kill. You don’t hang around when you get to my age. If any man and I mean any man shows any interest, you have to lay your cards on the table and fast.  So I asked him. Are you looking for a wife?


Well slap me on the arse and call it true love because he only went and said that he was! How could I be this lucky? I’ve been single for a long time and I had an inkling that I wouldn’t meet my husband in a conventional way. This was just an amazing turn of fate.


When I confessed to my secret career as a topless model he didn’t even bat an eyelid. In fact he just continued on as if it didn’t matter what occupation I had. This man had a big accepting heart and he wants to marry me!


He didn’t even care if I already had a husband. That’s how much he loved me. And they say they world isn’t a good place? Again I wasn’t going to beat around the bush. I invited my David to come live with me here. I know, I know, I only have three children. I shouldn’t really be deceitful towards the man I love but I needed to know that he’d accept me no matter what obstacles life threw at us.


There’s always a ‘but’ and I was expecting it. The course of true love never runs smoothly.  David would need some money so that we could he could join me in Ireland. What’s money between two souls destined to be together?


Then like all good relationships, there was a hiccup. Maybe I rushed him, I don’t know but his love seemed to dwindle. Well we had know each other four hours so what was I expecting? I thought maybe coming to Ireland was too much and I’d offer to travel. Then it hit me, NO ELLEN, you are worth more than that. Any man that wants me is going to have to prove to me that I’m the most important thing in his life and David just didn’t seem to have read that memo. Times up Buddy.


I was going to have to cut David lose. I’ve had my heart broken before and do you know what? I survived and I’ll survive this. I know my worth.


Even his last ditch attempt to buy my love was not going to sway my decision. So let this be a lesson to you men. I’m no fool. I’ll not have the wool pulled over my eyes with promises of money and other stuff. If you want me you better work hard. I’m sure I’ll remember David with fondness in years to come but I know I made the right decision today, or at least I hope I did.


15 thoughts on “I Had My Heart Broken Today

  1. oh, I’m so sorry your heart is broken. If you like I have about six other gorgeous men stationed in Syria trying to befriend me on FB, I could send them over.

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  2. This is terrific. “What is your jobs?” What a pick-up artist! Oops… I just realized that I popped up on your blog out of nowhere with a profile picture of a man from the “US Army forces.” 🙂

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      1. Yes–very trusting. Few people are good at writing satire (and many don’t understand it). I’m always surprised at how many people take some of the things I write literally. So, do you think you could fly me out for a cup of coffee to discuss your writing? 😉


      2. Have you ever received one of those inserts inside a Christmas card with a month-by-month recap of the past year? “January: we were blessed with a new family member, Fuzzy. It snowed all month. Timmy used the potty for the first time…” A few years back, I wrote a horrible satire of one of those, but my wife was the only one who got it. Even my parents replied with, “Wow, we’re sorry you guys had such a horrible year.” I would like you to come to me, but you see, I am in war zone, very dangerous for you and your children. But my commanding officer says it is fine if I take a few days off from fighting to come to you…

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