I Will Never Get A Dog.

It’s the time of year where my newsfeed is choc-a-block with pictures of adorable puppies. Lucky me I hear you cry. I do enjoy looking at their cute faces and imagining what I would call them if they were mine. My suggestions are always better than the name on the screen because let’s face it I’m a creative genius. I love looking at their little legs struggling to hold up their pudgy newborn bodies. It’s like a tonic.

From what you have just read it wouldn’t be wrong for you to assume that I have a dog. Well I don’t. I never will and I’ll tell you why.

A few years ago I had the idea that it would be lovely for the children to have a pet. It’s a fantastic way of teaching children how to care for something other than them. Dogs are loyal companions and would be a friend for life and an asset to any home. With that in mind in a moment of madness I agreed to foster two puppies as a trial way of seeing how a dog would fit into our lives.  And they call it Puppy….. insanity!

It was the best thing I ever did because as a result I found out that a dog just wouldn’t fit into my lifestyle. I wrote in the piece that I enjoyed every minute of it and that I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. I don’t think that was strictly honest. I suppose I enjoyed it because I knew it would end.

Being a single mother of three I have more than enough responsibility. Getting a dog added to the workload and it was the straw that broke the mammy’s back.  Once the puppies found their forever homes I knew I would never get a dog.

I think the aspect that people forget when they oooohh and aaahhhhh at the cute pictures is that animals are work.

They need time, discipline, training, money and lots of love. If you don’t have all those resources at your disposal you should not get an animal.

I mentioned at the beginning all the cute pictures in my newsfeed. Sadly most of these pictures are of puppies from mothers who have been abandoned and left to give birth on their own. Some are bags of puppies, disposed of in the woods by some excuse of a human who couldn’t be bothered to get their dog spayed. I just don’t understand it.

We have a real crisis when it comes to stray and abandoned dogs in this country. It’s like people think it’s a rite of passage to get a dog. If it was law that you had to foster before you were allowed get a dog for good, it would reduce the amount of people who go out pay big money and soon realise how much work a dog is.

The volunteer rescues throughout the country are overrun with dogs. It’s a never-ending revolving door and their hearts are broke. I know the ladies from one such organisation Cara Rescue Dogs .  These woman work tirelessly giving up their time and homes to clean up other people’s immoral behaviour.

I don’t think we respect our animals in this country.  People should be ashamed of themselves. This also includes the people who have dogs and just do the bare minimum that’s required. The animals deserve so much more. Something needs to be done.

So I have decided that I’m never going to contribute to the problem. I would love for the lads to have a dog and I know they would love it. I’d be the best Mammy in the world. They still talk fondly of the puppies and would often reminisce. When all is said and done I’ll be the one scooping up the poo from the garden. I’ll be the one bringing them for their injections and walking them daily. I’ll be the one cleaning up the puke when the dog gets sick.  I’d be the one that would be at my wits end and I’d be the one picking up the phone to the dog rescue and I’d be the one hanging my head in shame. So for that reason I may just settle for mediocre mammy  when it comes to pets.

Cara Rescue Dogs are a volunteer rescue service that are overrun with dogs. If you click on the link you can donate. It would be greatly appreciated.

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