Are Manners Gone Out Of Fashion?

Since birth I have drilled it into mine to have good manners. Please and thank you before and after everything nearly to the point of overkill. I do think basic manners seem to be going out of style. For me it’s an accessory that’s timeless.

As with everything in life, there’s a certain amount of evolution required. Like it or lump it we are moving further and further away from human interaction and more towards electronic communication. This doesn’t mean that manners have to go out the window it just means they need to be adjusted.

I understand that not everybody has their device in their hands all the time. I don’t think that a text or an email requires an immediate response. People are busy. I get it. However when you see the person you have text commenting on competitions for a new carpet on the stairs and not answering your question, that’s just rude.

I was talking about it on my Instastory the other day. Imagine it was real life. You wouldn’t just walk away mid conversation. You’d make your apologies and leave. I feel the same rules should apply to all these new forms of communications.

Manners don’t just stretch to the thank you and please, people seem to forget that there are real live people on the other side of the screen. The online trolling is a perfect example of this. I’d bet my life that none of these people would be as brave in person. Have you ever witnessed someone walk up to a complete stranger and comment on their clothes or make up or parenting.

Me neither.

Then there’s the online dating world. I have had men ask me what my bra size is before asking my name. My response is always the same…. Well actually I wrote a blog post about that you can read it here:My Breasts Have Been Measured…..! I’m joking, what I actually say is, if we were at a bar would you say that to me, three sentences in? Some claim they would and others concede to my point.

Today I contacted Sue from Cherry Sue, a massive name in the blogging world. Not only did she reply to a question that I’m sure she’s been asked a million times but she was kind enough to point me in the direction of what I needed to know. When I read the info she gave me, (  Blogging Help – Top Ten Questions Answered ), one of the points was about using manners and I thought, look at that someone who practices what they preach. It was refreshing.

So I think we could all just be a little bit more mindful that even though we are not face to face we are still dealing with people. Manners costs you nothing and whatever you do, just don’t ignore someone. A simple ‘talk later’ would cover a mulititude.

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