There are many minutes of many days where I’m so frustrated I feel as though my brain might explode.

Sometimes this is because of my own inaction. I don’t have the clothes ready or I’ve to stop at the shop for a snack that should have been in my cupboard.

Othertimes it’s the behaviour of the children. Their laughs just a little loud. Their needs just a little too much. Three can be too much child.

Then all of a sudden there’s a fleeting moment. A moment where it all comes together. Their clothes fit. There’s no wax crawling out of their lobes heading for the face.

You are dressed and there’s not a bed sock in sight. You may even have your bra on for the school run.

That second makes it all worth while. That moment is what keeps me going. The constant aspiration to live my best life. To do the best I can rearing these glorious creatures.

I captured my moment this morning and as soon as it arrived it had left me again. From momentous to mayhem before I had exhaled.

Onwards I go moving toward my next piece of perfect. Until then I’ll relish in my reality knowing that all I can do is be better than I was yesterday.

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