The end

I’ve had a very emotional day. The course that has consumed my life for little over a year has come to an end. I cried before it began because I didn’t want to leave my daughter. I’m crying now it’s over because I will miss my friends.

Groups of women are notoriously bitchy. We were lucky. There was  bitchiness all right, that’s just nature’s way, but in between that nonsense we all supported each other to get through was is an extremely tough course despite popular opinion.

I’ve had the courtesy of getting to know people from all different backgrounds. A kaleidoscope of personalities no two alike and all as equally as fascinating. These ladies will be my friends and my support system in my chosen career. I feel very lucky.


Let me tell you now if you think getting into the Beauty Industry is a soft alternative to college    think again. I’ve been to college numerous times and this is not the easy alternative. It’s detailed, it’s skilled but it’s also a lot of fun.

I’ve never enjoyed learning as much. I feel as though I’ve found something I love. All I have to do now is gain confidence in my abilities. Where’s the course for that?

The last thing I want to talk about is the course tutor Grace Power. She will kill me for this but the course is over so I’ll take my chances. Without a shadow of a doubt I would not have completed this course if it was not for her guidance, support and influence.

I’ve always wanted to be a teacher so the profession rates highly in my list of jobs I am in awe of. Today the girls wanted me to speak and I couldn’t because I didn’t think I’d be able to hold in the emotions.

I’ve learned so much from Grace. I’ve learned to take responsibility for my own decisions. I’ve learned I should be kinder to myself. I’ve learned that love is better than anger. I’ve learned to listen to the universe, it gives you signs if you are open to them. I’ve learned I’m not the only one with an eventful life. I’ve learned to allow people to make their own decisions.

Lastly I’ve learned I no longer want to be a teacher!! If I had to put up with what Grace had to put up with I’d be in Mountjoy and that was just me, never mind the other trainees.

So thank you Grace and thank you to everyone that I’ve met through the course.

It was an absolute pleasure. Now if anyone wants any treatments you’ll find me in Kieran O’ Gorman Hair, Beauty and Day Spa on Friday’s and Saturdays from December! Ask for Caroline though ’cause I’m wrecked!!!!

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