Clothes are so Uncomfortable

I’m sitting watching tv. The heroine is after being kidnapped, a bag shoved over her head and stuffed into the boot of a car by two large men. She struggles of course with little effect. What I want to know is, with all that fuss, how the hell do your trousers stay on!!!

I can’t walk from the car to the school without hitching up my pants at least once. I’m pretty sure if I was bucking like a bold child not wanting to get into the bath I would expose myself to all who cared to watch.

What’s more, I wouldn’t have some fancy knickers on underneath. No no. If I were to be kidnapped I’d be wearing my oldest, grottiest thinnest pair of period stained excuse for a knickers. My arse would be a welcome distraction from the embarrassment of them.

Then they tied her to the chair and her hair was in her face, naturally enough. They proceeded to torture her by showing someone beat up her sister. Well they wouldn’t even need to go that far with me. At this point those vile briefs are under my butt cheeks and I’m about to gnaw through the ropes with my bare teeth for that reason alone. My bra is driving me insane. I want to pull it down at the back and stuff my triple diddies back in at the front. Paired with the hair in my face I’m ready to tell them everything they want to know.

Then as if I thought the threat of them hurting my sister wouldn’t be bad enough (I mean who the hell would mind the kids while I line danced on a Monday. Went to see friends on a Wednesday. Got my hair done on a Friday…… I could go on.) I realise my runner sock had slipped under the heel of my foot. Heaven above is there no mercy!?

I imagine at this stage Beast Mam takes hold. This level of discomfort is more than I can take. I muster up strength reserved for mothers whose children are in grave danger. I break from the ropes. Fix the knickers, remove the hair from my face put my boobs back in my bra, take off the socks and burn the bastards, kill the bad guy and save the day!

Clothes grate on me. Nothing is comfortable. I could obviously lose some weight that might help me but problem solving is not my strong point. I often contemplate nudism if that’s a word but I don’t like to make other people feel inferior and let’s face it if this goddess was walking around nudey rudey, that would be inevitable.

So I’ve slipped off the bra and I’m going to see if my heroine will save the world with or without exposing her arse in the process.


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9 thoughts on “Clothes are so Uncomfortable

  1. Women certainly have a raw deal iin the clothiing department too. I stupidly got sunburnt today on my back and am currently sitting with my bra unhooked. I’m just grateful we don’t have to wear corsets anymore! Congratulations on having your post selected by another blogger to be featured on the #blogcrush linky. Feel free to pop over and claim your ‘I’ve been featured’ badge!

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      1. Ok, this past week on my blog was I co-host on a linky called blog crush and another blogger picked your post as their choice to link up. Here’s the link to the post with the badge code, if you click on the blue button at the bottom you’ll see where your post was added. 😊 Normally when someone adds you they alert you in twitter, it’s just a way to get more traffic to your blog. Xx


  2. hilarious! love it hahaha – and yes clothing is the bane of my life. .. whats with the bra bones that are too short and cut into the side, or break through the top and cut your underarm…never mind the cups cutting your boods in half so you either look like you have 3/4 tits or one extremely large middle bazzooma!! #burnthebras #lgrtstumble


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