First world problems

There’s a hash tag going around #firstworld problems designed to acknowledge that whatever it is that you are giving out about is actually not really a problem at all. Well I have one such first world problem that actually bothers me.

I don’t have a god child.

Big Deal

I know it’s beyond ridiculous to even think about but being honest it really makes me sad. I swear I do have more important things to be worried about.

In my defence of my harmless pondering. In our family god parents are a big deal. It’s viewed as a huge honour. I know the concept it rooted in religion but as a gesture it’s saying to that person. I would trust you with my child. That’s a pretty big deal. There are people in my life I wouldn’t trust with a sandwich.


Is it me?

At this stage I can’t see that I will ever be asked. Most of my friends are finished with their baby making days or even if they weren’t there are sisters or cousins or life long friends that would be way ahead of me in the line.

When my mood gets low I used to wonder what was wrong with me that no one saw fit to ask me to stand for their child? I’m unreliable and fickle or maybe before I became a mother I may have seemed irresponsible but truth be told it’s just a mixture of circumstance and bad timing.

Worth the wait

I see my sister with my children and I am really in awe. I don’t know what it is to love a child that isn’t my own. I can’t comprehend choosing to get up and spend time with a child. Like……. I have to love my own…… I’m pretty sure it’s part of the deal!

My sister has no children (so I’ll never be an aunt either ) but I really believe she couldn’t love them anymore even if they were her own. I’ll never experience that relationship. My children have cousins but I have no relationship with them because of my break up. Pity cause I’d be such a cool aunt. Even if I do say so myself.

I suppose my opportunity to experience that love of a child that isn’t my own will come when my own have children. If they are blessed I’ve heard that grandchildren are amazing. You love them like your own but you get to hand them back at the end of the day. Obviously I’ll be waiting a while. But from what I hear it will be worth the wait.




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