I’ve only just recently overcome the fear of bringing my wee family places by myself. All too often I have recruited family and friends with the inner feeling that I just couldn’t cope  alone. Well this day I decided I was bringing my brood up the the big smoke to Imaginosity, the children’s museum in Sandyford. I will confess I was meeting a friend up there but that was more for a catch up then the support that I had grown to crave.

Preparations always begin the night before you are going anywhere. I had gathered the clothes that I wanted them to wear and placed them in neat piles on our snack table. Our snack table is a breakfast counter but my boys could not understand the concept so we rechristened it the snack table much to their delight. They seem to be the only ones who have a snack table in their house….. course you are boys because it’s a totally made up thing!!!!!

I packed a change of clothes for each child. I did only pack one change of underwear and socks between the boys because like seriously what are the chances that both of them would get destroyed all the way down to their underwear. As that thought popped into my head I already felt like I was tempting fate. Then I thought feck it…. first one to get wrecked gets the underwear…… number two will be going commando! A few snacks in the bag and I was ready to rock.

Up and at it early I put on the face while the lads ate their breakfast. All bustled into the dinky and hit the minty highway. I was driving like the stig in a dress and totally loving life. I somehow managed to overestimate how long it takes to get to Dublin these days. We were booked into Imaginosity for 11:30 and I’m sat in the car park at 10:10.  Never fear nothing a bag of jellys and Justin Beiber on the radio couldn’t solve.


We scrambled out of the car and made our way to reception where we signed in and got our stamp on our hands. The place was choc a block full of small children who didn’t really know what was going on. The staff made an announcement of all the little rules and no one listened. And no I’m not talking about just the children. There was one woman who spoke on her mobile the whole way through it. I had to have a word with myself to calm as I had visions of myself grabbing her phone and flinging it out the door.


Our session began and we made our way up the stairs and a world of chaos unfolded in front of my eyes. I hadn’t put Macy down when the boys were gone no where to be seen. Every corner had something to discover and explore. A supermarket and post office, a diner and a bed to play doctors and nurses. Another floor filled with a mock news room and stage equiped with costumes and lights. Science mixed with play mixed with education.

Although the session was sold out I can’t say that it felt packed. There was so much to see and do that children moved on regularly to allow the next child their turn. The wonderful part was seeing parents role playing with their kids in the supermarket and a Dad operating the lights on the stage for his daughters production. It brought out the child in the adults too.

The session lasted two hours and mine were just about getting hungry and looking to go as it drew to an end. This was of course after my son went down the stairs and helped himself to a toy out of the toy shop. I said to him…..

‘you cannot steal a toy….you have a brother and sister…. you have to steal three!!!!!

What actually happened was a very sheepish apology to a staff member who was very understanding. Thank the lord. We headed back to the car and all the lads wanted was good aul McDonald’s. Onto google and we found the nearest one and they devoured every morsel they were starvin marvin. Loaded back into the dinky and they all snored the whole way home while I murdered Adele songs while making up my own words.

I really enjoyed the day. There was no fighting no tears and it all went smoothly. I think the big bonus of Imaginosity was how safe it felt. Bringing three anywhere is daunting but it felt very secure. We will be looking forward to our next adventure.. And I might ever tell ye all about it.

Stay safe





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