Mission Aborted

Well as most of you know by now I was not chosen to lead the country in our battle against the bulge. I have to admit that I’m seriously disappointed. I really doubt myself when it comes to my ability to loose weight. Turn harmless statements into dirty sexual innuendo (in your end do …. snigger) I have down to a fine art…. weight loss not so much.


Not one to dwell on my failings I am moving forward with a positive attitude. There is a certain amount of relief in not being picked as it would have meant two days a week away from the kids. Bliss for me (joke) but would have put a lot of pressure on my family and friends and they already do enough for me as it is.


So my basic attitude moving forward is to move more eat less. I’m not dieting I am just going to make better decisions as much as I possibly can. I am going to get busy living and stop dwelling on my downfalls.


The last few weeks have been amazing and the support people have offered have been really heart warming. Everyone I know has faith that I can do this so I’m gonna give it a good aul go. I have now declared to the world I want to loose weight so there is no going back.


The five leaders are a great bunch of people and I can’t wait to follow them. I have already decided that Clare will be my leader. She already made such a huge impact on me on the assessment day so I’m backing her all the way.



I have to buy a sports bra because I’m going to be attempting to learn to jog 5km come the end of February. I may have to go to the credit union for a large personal loan to buy one cause in my size those babies are not cheap!


Thanks for the support and I promise I won’t bore you with Op/Tran stuff ( that’s what the cool kids call it ) all the time. Here’s to a healthier me.


Thanks for reading

Be well


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