Kitchen Catastrophe

I am not an organised person. I am not the lady who has her €2 ready for the trolley or her reusable bags at the ready. Having said all that an opportunity arose recently to start my Christmas shopping. It came in the form of an Aldi Special. I’m sure you are aware that twice a week Aldi sells specialist items. I normally try to avoid the leaflet because it will somehow convince me that I need fishing waders and some garden bark. This leaflet was different though. It was full of toys. Wooden toys and in among them the cutest little kitchen that I just had to have for my daughter.

After two boys one tends to get a slight bit giddy over girly things. I had been looking at kitchens already so this was perfect. The price a jaw dropping bargain of only €39.99. Rang the mother straight away and she said you better get there early and I told her that I had already organised Grandad Busy to come over and let me go as soon as Aldi opened.


The morning came and Granddad Busy came over and I wasn’t in too much of a hurry to get out the door. I eventually sauntered off to the car. Fiddled with the radio and casually drove obeying all appropriate speed limits and road rules as I drove the couple of kilometers to my local Aldi store.

As I pulled up I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a bleedin queue. Not one or two but SEVENTEEN people ahead of me. I looked at the group dynamics and I thought they are not all here for toys. There was elderly men. A couple of farmers. There was a well dressed business woman. There were a few mothers alright I could identify them by the fact they had shoved their shoes on over their thick Penney’s bed socks in a frenzied attempt to get out the door.

The Doors Opened

People started to move and through the glass I could see everyone hot footing it down the back into the middle straight to where the toys were bound to be.

Holy mother of god.

They were all here for the toys.

I stepped up my pace at that stage as the gravity of the situation began to take hold. I arrived at the cage of toys and could get nowhere near them. I had a small out of body experience. Am I really going to be that woman who gets into a bitch fight over children’s toys.


So I started to nudge closer and closer and the kitchens were flying out. People were standing so close that the people with their hands on the merchandise couldn’t get them out. I said to one lady. ‘If you pass me out yours then you can pass me out mine.’ She passed me out hers which I turned and put into her trolley. Then I turned to get mine handed to me and she was nowhere to be found. However a gap opened and in I went and I kid you not. I got the last one.

The doors opened at 9:00 and at 9:09 all the kitchens were gone and I was siting in my car shaking like a leaf. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I thought they would go quick but I didn’t expect to have to shank some aul biddy to bag myself one. I’m mouthy and I think brave from time to time but that took the good out of me. I was thrilled to get my kitchen and I hope that she will love it. Next time Aldi has a toy special it can stay there. Or at the very least I’ll bring back up.

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