Poetic Licence

I always liked English in school. I’m sure my English teachers would disagree because I was lazy and lacked focus. I love the meanings of words. Song lyrics especially. And now that I have children their books delight me. My favourite being ones that are written as rhymes.

Once upon a time a friend of mine asked me to be her bridesmaid. As you can imagine every conversation was wedding related from the dresses to the desserts. We were discussing the communion reflection and she was having trouble finding something. I don’t know what came over me at the time but I decided I was going to write something. I had never written anything like this but I gave it my all. I emailed it to her along with other prose I had uncovered online.

Love songs speak to us because the are true
A beautiful melody with the message I love you
Problems once mountains turn into grains of sand
Listening to a love song sang by your favourite band
The gentle guitar strums I’ll never go
Set to a beat that is nice and slow
Our song is ‘I’m yours’ Jason sings it so sweetly
How did he know love would consume us completely
The song may be ending but our love goes on
Timeless and classic just like a simple love song.

She liked them all and thought my one was too modern for her local priest so decided not to use it bearing in mind she did not know that it was I that had written it…….It’s ok it’s ok I didn’t mind one little bit because I learned something that day. My love for writing. I had thought of a concept and from my own mind wrote what I thought was a really lovely poem. And it rhymed and everything!!!

The next thing I put my mind to was trying to win competitions on Facebook. I would right little dities to try and grab the attention of the company. This paired with the obligatory like are share scenario works a treat. I’ve won a voucher to get my hair blow dried, a years membership to a gym, a masterclass in make up plus a make up kit. I’ve won tickets to go see a premier and a dress to name a but a few. I really wanted to win this one though….. my aul boobies could have done with the lift.

I’ve got big breasts I can’t deny.
If I run, dance or jump I could take out an eye.
Curvy Kate has a bra to hold my bust tight.
All the way to a K she’ll make you look right.
So please pick me Midday don’t let my entry drift.
Lord knows with Double f’s I could do with the lift.

I loved these little rhyming couplets ( see I know the lingo and everything) I would proudly share them with all who would listen. After sharing with a old workmate he was impressed with my creativity and said I should write more. I shared with him that I had an idea for a children’s book but I’ve never took the time to develop it. So this handsome debonaire man with boyish good looks ( he told me I had to say that! ) dared me to do it and gave me a deadline and everything. I felt like Lois Lane on the cusp of the latest scandal!

Low and behold off I went and one hour later I shared my ‘book’ with him. I had done it. There was talk of publishing deals and world wide stardom from a series of children’s books to rival Dr Seuss. In reality I was just thrilled to have created something out of my imagination. I wrote my children their very own bedtime story and they loved it. I am very proud to share with you my little story.

Joe loved the morning,
He rose every day at eight.
A yawn, stretch and yell,
‘C’mon Mam we can’t be late’.

This morning like all others,
He left his bed with flair.
The curtains he swung open,
But wait no sunlight filled the air.

Joe returned to his locker,
He double checked ,tock tick,
Eight in the morning alright
I wonder if the sun is sick?

Hastily Joe up and fled,
In search of poor Mr Sun.
‘I will help him return to the sky’,
The world needs him to have fun.

From school he remembered,
His journey took him East.
Other children joined him,
He wasn’t alone at least.

The stories they shared,
Of how Sun kept them hot.
The beams kissed their noses,
They missed him a lot.

Over hills they looked,
Under rocks and streams.
They asked all the animals,
Explaining Sun is missing,it seems.

The world’s edge arrived,
All the children stood to stare.
And there on a bed of clouds,
Slept the sun without a care.

United the children screamed,
‘Wake up Mr Sun, you’ve slept in!’
Toppling off his bed of clouds,
‘My goodness who is making such a din.’.

When he saw the kids,
Sun couldn’t believe his eyes.
You should all be in bed,
Then he listened to their cries.

‘It’s almost hitting midday,
You need to rise ..be bright.
The world is lost without you,
We need your warmth your light.’

He couldn’t believe it,
Just how could this be.
He reached to his alarm clock,
‘That explains it,it’s broken you see!’

He rose up to the sky,
He filled the world with his glow.
Thanking the children kindly,
As the returned home on the earth below.

Joe returned to his Mam,
And explained all he had done.
About his journey across earth,
And how they had woke Mr Sun.

The day was  very short,
And Joe fell into bed.
From the long walk and search,
His poor legs were like lead.

He fell straight asleep,
Remembering the days fun.
All the animals and friends found,
While in search of the Sun.

Joe loved the morning,
He rose every day at eight.
A yawn, stretch and yell,
‘C’mon Mam we can’t be late’.

This morning like all others,
He left his bed with flair.
The curtains he swung open,
And Guess what
Sunlight filled the air!!!!!

Now the blog takes most of my creativity but I still have aspirations. The dream is to write for a living. It seems inconceivable right now but you know what they say, if your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough.


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