I Like My Hairy Toes

You will all learn very soon that I have no boundaries, no filter and no shame! This honest approach has been admired in the past, has made people cringe and in some cases the reaction has been just plain disgust. So consider yourself warned, the following entry into my catalogue of blogs may cause a little bit of sick to come into your mouth. You will forever more be actively avoiding making eye contact with toes and you may be running straight to the nearest Laser Hair Removal Clinic to buy me a voucher. None the less I feel it is my duty to explore my perspective on female grooming. From our bushy brows to our tippy toes we are obsessed with removing hair.

Some areas I am at peace with. I happily and regularly ( ahem regularly enough!) remove excess eyebrow hair, lip hair, underarm hair, pubic hair ( can I say that? Well I just did!) and leg hair. Some areas are removed for vanity some for hygiene and some areas to make a gal feel a wee bit sexy. But I draw the line at removing the hair from my toes. Yes people I have quite a decent amount of growth on my trotters. I never noticed this until I traveled to Australia and I shared a bathroom with a friend of mine. She was giving her legs a quick skim over when I saw the blade travel to her toes. What the hell was she doing?….only shaving the bloody things. I couldn’t believe it. It prompted me to examine my own feet and low and behold a few grand patches of hair were camping happily. So happy as they were I decided not to take this ridiculous extra step and leave well enough alone.
While in Oz the sun bleached out the spindles of silk but here in overcast Ireland there is no disguising them. Now it’s not as if I am the type of girl who does not expose her feet. My neighbours thought for years that I didn’t own a pair of shoes. My trustee flip flops are never off my feet. Still I refuse. They are toes for the love of God. What does it matter if they have a few hairs on them.

I know celebrities have all their hair removed permanently and after finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I am pretty sure I would have certain areas treated. Especially my lip area. I maintain no matter what I will never touch my toes. It has nearly become my feeble attempt at a feminist stand. I may not be able to burn my bra, my sizeable assets need the support, but I can wear my hairy toes with pride.

Now that I’m a qualified Beauty Therapist I see that many women remove the hair from their toes and more power to them. I’m going to wear my fuzz with pride. I suppose I’m grateful that the hair is growing on my toes and not out of my nose and ears…… yet!


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